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Quick Pass Course

In 2009 there were 2,222 people killed on the roads in the UK with a further 24,690 seriously injured.

The quick pass course has been developed with the above statistics in mind and the fact that in driving, what you don’t know can kill you. So even though it is

designed to help you pass your test quickly, absolutely nothing is left to chance.

You will have internet access to a fully comprehensive online Driving course the syllabus of which forms the basis of all your practical driving lessons and covers everything from setting

up the car and starting the engine to driving on motorways and the dangers of drink/drug driving, mobile phone use and texting while driving. By studying online your instructor only

needs to check your understanding of each subject before starting your lesson, reducing the time spent

at the roadside and increasing the actual drive time resulting in a quicker test pass

This will be backed up with a full set of course handouts covering each of the lessons taken

which can be used for taking notes and kept for future reference

At the end of each week a fully detailed report will be e-mailed to you keeping you informed of your progress through the course.


Don't Just Do it,Do it Right.Don't become A Statistic

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